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t: 0777 634 6086

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t: 0777 634 6086

t: 0777 634 6086

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I'm Richard Greaves, a freelance graphic designer and retoucher, who also designs and builds WordPress websites. Started my career in London in the early eighties, way before computers came on the scene, when Magic Markers and Rotring Pens were the latest gadgets!God… I miss Letraset.

Freelance Design | Retouching | Artwork | Websites

about me

In my spare timeMy passion is flying. I am a lifelong member of the Dunstable Hang-gliding & Paragliding Club, having learned hang-gliding as a teenager. Now I am currently a BHPA registered Senior Coach. I also love cycling, (have loads of bikes) especially 10 mile time-trials with my local Club, with which I have also completed a number of Triathlons. My partner and I also have two lovely horses and three lively dogs that need constant walkies and when I'm not flying or cycling, we spend most weekends exercising them all in the countryside around our home. Oh!…I nearly forgot ‘Olive’.

My InterestsFlying

Sci-Fi films…
and of course 'Olive' our cherished Land Rover Series 3 that needs constant attention to keep her on the road!

Freelance Design | Retouching | Artwork | Websites
Freelance Design | Retouching | Artwork | Websites

IDI Gazeley

Line 6

Aston Martin



my design

Based in the countryside near DunstableAnyway… I bought my first Apple computer in the early 90’s and I never looked back. Back then I was using QuarkXPress for layouts, but over the subsequent years I have completely transferred over to InDesign and the Adobe Creative Suite. This is the software that I currently use with my own iMac Pro.Before becoming freelance I'd spent 20 years as a Senior Designer/IT Manager at Freestone in Milton Keynes. I usually work from home (using WeTransfer), but equally I can work at your premises, so whether you just need help with a logo, artwork for a brochure or magazine advert, maybe even a fresh website - just get in contact and we’ll have a chat.
That'll cost you nothing!

Freelance Design | Retouching | Artwork | Websites

my retouching

They used to say the camera never lies…Not every photograph starts out on a perfect day, occasionally weather or time constraints make the photoshoot required in a hurry, or the props just aren’t available on any re-arranged date. This is where a good skilled retoucher can enhance the original photo or change elements completely.This Aston Martin Performance Driving poster was one such case. This shot was taken in winter (no leaves on the trees) at Millbrook Proving Ground, and the background needed to be a bit more dramatic to compliment the quality of the performance car range.


Artwork can make or break a jobI have thirty years of artwork experience and throughout my career I have gained a solid understanding of all technical aspects of finished artwork. I have always preferred to complete the artwork for all my designs, in that way I can control the accuracy and production which in turn generates a high-quality final printed job.

Creative WordPress websitesLets be honest now… I am not a back-end coder. I leave all that to those techies who know PHP, Java, Ruby, .Net, Laravel, GitHub and Python. What I can do is front-end creative design and build for mobile optimised websites, created with WordPress using its Content Management System and plugins to build great websites. This web build is backed up with a thorough understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript. 

let's talk

Please get in touch if you need any creative helpRichard Greaves
214 Castle Hill Road, Totternhoe, Dunstable LU6 2BWMob: 0777 634 6086 email:
Charge Rates
Artwork: £25 hour  |  Design: £30 hour  |
Retouching: £40 hour  |  Websites: (let's talk) |
Charge Rates can be adjusted for smaller jobs or individual clients, as I’m always willing to negotiate a fixed price if required. If you should wish to send me a written enquiry please click the button below 'contact me'

If you are sending me large files, use WeTransfer.WeTransfer is easy to use, 100% secure and doesn’t require a user account to be set up - and it’s FREE! Place all your files in one Folder and compress/zip the folder before uploading to WeTransfer. Send to:, add your message and then press the 'Transfer' button.To compress files on a PC
Select your Folder and right click. Select > ‘Send to’ and then select > ‘Compressed (zipped) folder’. Done!To compress files on a Mac
Select your Folder and press the ‘Control’ button. From the menu select > 'Compress (your-folder-name)'. Done!

Freelance Design | Retouching | Artwork | Websites